Push Messaging and why it is important

App Push Message

Real Estate on a Consumers Mobile Phone is Valuable!App Push Message


Push Messaging keeps your users coming back to the Real Estate over and over again.


Push Messaging, in its simplest form, means that when a user downloads an App to their phone, the owner (Publisher) of the App can send or “Push” a message out to everyone that has the App installed on their phone. In most instances these messages appear as a bubble notification on the users phone.

Different from an SMS or MMS message, Push Messages usually have “Override” of the phone with 2 options, View/Read or Dismiss. On average, the View/Read Button is pressed 97 to 98 percent of the time.


Not only can Push Messaging increase App retention but opens a dialogue between you and your customer/consumer that you have never had before. This dialogue can be intimate with the CEO of a business, their direct representative or a local branch. Another difference between, Push messaging and SMS, is that the user normally sees the Push Message as “More Important” as it appears more official to them.


When a users phone vibrates or sounds an audible alert, what is YOUR first reaction, almost everyone checks to see what the notification is… if it is an SMS, or Phone call, the most common notifications, it is usually immediately gauged on an importance level. When a user sees the Push Message they can immediately determine that it is not a phone call or SMS and usually rank it higher.


Consistency is a key, as most any general marketers will tell you.


It is important when users download your App, that you be clear and relevant if you plan to send messages to App Holders. You should also let them choose a messaging platform be it Social Media, SMS/MMS, Push or simply E-mail, directly from your app. When someone downloads an App, upon their first use, we normally show them a notifcation that lets them know that we are going to send Push Notifications, we also ask if they would like to Opt-In to our Newsletter feature.


News Houses and the Media (National Rumor Magazines) have been some of the early adopters of push messaging for obvious reasons. When we first saw the value of a FREE messaging conduit that held no costs based on the number of subscribers, several of our first customers were in the financial industry. Never before has a conduit existed that cost a flat, monthly fee and could immidiatly alert every subscriber on your list, with a read rate of greater than 97%, until now.


When Combined with a Social Media, Web/Email, Location Based, SMS/MMS and App/Push, you have the ability to circumference the customer with how they want to be notified, the frequency and the Media. Most customers will not want a txt message, a Push Message a facebook reminder and a Bluetooth notification all within the same day. Put it in their hands and let them decide how and how often.


Social Media can act as a viable messaging conduit for some users, however it is an exceptional platform to grow your list, as well as letting the consumer decide how to receive updates and notifications.

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